It's Father's Habit, Don't Blame The Kid

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It was Sunday morning. The schools were free. Edo didn't go to school as usual. His father was also

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at home, his mom too. Edo took his bicycle. His mom reminded him not to go to the main street. "I'm a boy. Don't worry! A woman knows nothing," he replied.

His father heard what he said. He got angry with him. But, Edo has gone away. He wanted to punish Edo when he backed home. "A woman knows nothing," he repeated Edo's sentence in his mind.
"How dare you are!"

His mom was staring at him who has got loss of her sight. She always remembered her nephew, the son of her brother who died because of an accident on the main street when cycling with his friends. She always reminded Edo, but Edo always gave the same response. Sometimes, she thought that Edo was the same as his father.

If she remembered in the first year of her marriage, how romantic it is. There was always a joke on the dining table. They were always going everywhere together. There's no morning without walking through the morning mist together hand in hand.

The year has passed. Everything has changed. If she asked where her husband wanted to go, the response was "It's not a business of a woman. You know what!" She kept silent without response and turned around. She thought he was like that because he was very busy making money. She tolerated it. He was not a man who has just got married, but he was a father. His responsibility was getting heavier than before.

Mr. Durram, Edo’s father, was visiting his friend Mr. Samin, about 30 meters next to his house. Mr. Samin was also his colleague. Mr. Samin was sitting on his yard with his wife and his son. They were laughing when Mr. Durram arrived there.

“Hi, you. Come here,” Mr. Samin welcomed him. “Why don’t you come with Fillie?” asked Mr. Samin’s wife.

“She’s busy at home.”

Edo was fighting with his friend on the road. It was troubled many drivers. Many vehicles stopped and the drivers got down the road to stop the fight and arrest both. But, Edo could escape from those people and ran away with his bicycle.
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