Is The Money In Your Mom's Pocket

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Salim : You look so sad, what happened?
Reebo: As usual, a classic incident.
Salim : (Smiling) What about your homework?

Reebo: I have no time to do that.
Salim : Hey ... We have to submit it tomorrow. It's been three days.
Reebo: (Silent)
Salim : What's wrong with your parents? Money problem again?
Reebo: I don't understand at all. I feel that I am the very unlucky guy in this world. Sometimes, I think that there's no happiness in this world. There will not be.
Salim : Be patient, Friend. I'll always be your best friend. You can stay in my house a lot, just sleep in your house.
Reebo: Thank you. You're so kind.
Salim : What if we eat lunch together now, at Berrow Cafe.
Reebo: What? I've no money. You know, I even never bring pocket money to school.
Salim : You're in my bill.
Reebo: How can you have a lot of money?
Salim : Why did you ask that?
Reebo: Did you steal your parents' money?
Salim : Hahahahahaa... You're so funny. Dad and Mom said that everything at home is ours, belong to us, do not belong to may Dad, or my Mom, or me.
Reebo: How come?
Salim : My Dad said, "We're a family."
Reebo: Your parents are so great. I am proud of them. You're so lucky.
Salim : You'll get that luck one day. Be sure.
Reebo: Wouldn't your parents be angry if you use your money improperly?
Salim : Don't worry. Dad and Mom are always giving me lecture every night. I always tell them what I did, and they will tell me which one is better and which one is not.
Reebo: Do you think it's okay to eat at the cafe?
Salim : My Dad teach me to be a philanthropist. They will be happy to hear about this.

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