Holding Breath While Driving Caused A Crash

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Dian: Hi, Lina. Do you hear a news.
Lina: What news?

Dian: A crash in tunnels. The police said that it was a part of a game or superstition. The driver fainted and lost control.
Lina: Oh my God. My brother like doing that.

Dian: What?!
Lina: Do you know the name of the victims? How are they?

Dian: None is seriously injured.
Lina: Thank God...!! I am really worried.

Dian: Why don't you try to call your brother.
Lina: His phone is not active.

Dian: Where's he now?
Lina: She told me this morning that he want to go to his friend's house.

Dian: Did he drive a car?
Lina: Yes. He always drive his car to go out.
Dian: What if we go there?
Lina: Where?
Dian: To the tunnel. To know the victims.
Lina: Yes. We must go there now.
Dian: Come on.

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