Dreams Of A Husband

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Dream, husbandIt was afternoon. The day was not too hot anymore. They sun was going to back home and spreading the orange color at the west sky.

Affeed: In your point of view, what is the most beautiful girl like?
Zuedy : Someone I like so much.
Affeed: Can you describe?

Zuedy : She is a great lover. She is greater than my mom.

Affeed: Greater?

Zuedy : Yeah.

Affeed: Are you dreaming to marry an angel?
Zuedy : (Smiling) I really want to have great children ever. Later they will go over the world and will guide people around to do great deeds to make this world better. Each of them has great skill.
Affeed: Hahahahaa... Are you serious?
Zuedy : Did I express a joke?
Affeed: (Smiling, claped Zuedy's back) I believe in you. And, because of that reason you want to marry a great girl.
Zuedy : (Nodded)

A year passed by. Zuedy married to a girl from another island, named Shellia. They met on an event of Zuedy's friend. They live with Shellia's parents. Based on the culture of Shellia's family someone who has just got married must live with the parents of the wife until they have a child.

Zuedy : Shellia, I have something for you?
Shellia: What's that?

Zuedy : (Gave her something)
Shellia: Nice. But, my father gave me the more expensive one than this.

Zuedy : You don't want it?
Shellia: I want. Thank you.

Shellia was more attached to her parents than to her husband. Her parents were so rich. They have everything. As though Shellia didn't need anything from her husband. 

Zuedy : Have you got married?
Affeed: Not yet. I will invite you to my wedding party.
Zuedy : When?
Affeed: I don't know. I have no girl friend.
Zuedy : You'll never know, unless you decide when to get married.
Affeed: Okay. Tomorrow.
Zuedy : The girl?
Affeed: Maybe I find a beautiful girl after this.
Zuedy : Don't make a joke.
Affeed: (Laughing) What about you? Have you got a kid?
Zuedy : Not yet.
Affeed: Why do you take too long.
Zuedy : No, it's normal.
Affeed: Hahahahaa....
Zuedy : Why do you laugh?
Affeed: Nothing. What about your dream? Have you made a great program with your wife?

Zuedy : What program?
Affeed: To make a great children.
Zuedy : Making children doesn't need a great plan.
Affeed: Hahahahahaa... You said, you want to make a great children.
Zuedy : Yeah. I didn't mean to create in the womb.
Affeed: Hahahaha... You are so funny

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