Conditional Sentence Type 1, 2, and 3 With Examples

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Type 1 (Imagine)

If I have money, I will build a house.
If I have  time, I will go to your house tonight.
She will come here if her father allows her.
I will pick you up at 4:30 if I finish my homework.

I will sleep if you don't come here tonight.
I will make a zoo if I get a lot of money.

Type 2 (The fact is not true)
If you came here last night, you would meet her.If you told her about it, she would love you.
She would not go home if you asked her to have dinner in that restaurant.

If I were a president, I would give a lot of  money to my citizens.
If I were a teacher, I would teach my student seriously.
If I were you, I would not do that.
If she were your girlfriend, she would love you.

Type 3 (Regret)
If I had studied hard, I would have finished my study.
She would have finished it if she had got up earlier.
If he had started doing that at 1 am, he would have finished it.
The water would not have run out if they had not used it before.

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