Certain Verbs Followed By Verb+ing

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Learning English Grammar sometimes make you mad and crazy. Some of them are confusing. However, you'll be familiar with all those rules by practicing a lot. So that why I provide a lot of examples here.

We avoid speaking to them.
They avoid coming here.
She avoids meeting him.
I avoid talking with her.
Lian avoids telling me the matter.

I admit telling him about the accident.
He admits seeing them on the library.
Bram admits missing his father.
They admit meeting the competitor.
She admits loving him. 

I consider telling him about it.
She considers taking the test tomorrow.
They consider learning together with us.
He considers coming here tonight.
Firdi considers buying a new car.

I enjoy reading.
She enjoys writing.
We enjoy playing football.
They enjoy having a sightseeing here.
Ardan enjoys listening to music.

I have finished writing my second novel.
She has finished reading the book.
They have finished counting the money.
Ardian has finished sending all the letters.

I can't stand drinking ice.
He can’t stand eating spicy foot.
I can’t stand living in cold area.
I can stand walking on the road at noon.

I like writing.
She likes reading.
They like playing football.
Firaus likes going to the beach.

He denied telling me the reason.
She denied helping me.
They denied coming here.
We denied working together with them.
Soratan denied bringing his book.

I detest going to the beach.
They detest living in a village.
We detest eating such food.
She detests playing guitar.
Rina detests eating bakso.

I don't mind helping you now.
She doesn’t mind lending me her book for a month.
He doesn’t mind cleaning the bathroom.
We don’t mind sleeping on the terrace.
Ary doesn’t mind counting it alone.

She has given up going to forest.
He has given up playing football.
We have given up doing this.
I have given up walking alone at midnight.
Filan has given up eating spicy food.

She delayed coming here until last night.
He can't help solving the problem.
I can't imagine eating it all at once.

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