Because I Love Animal, I will Raise A Livestock

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Baylanta: What are you thinking about?
Suaienae: I am thinking about business.

Baylanta: Wow, you will be an entrepreneur.
Suaienae: I hope to be a successful entrereneur.

Baylanta: What kind of business do you like?
Suaienae: I like animal, and I plan to raise a livestock.

Baylanta: Do you have any area for that?

Suaienae: I plan to do that in Papua or Sulawesi. It's too crowded here.

Baylanta: Do you understand about animal health?
Suaienae: (Laugh) I don't want to be a veterinary surgeon.
Baylanta: How can you keep your animal healthy?
Suaienae: It's easy, I can hire someone capable in that. I don't need to do everything by my hand alone.
Baylanta: You will lose your money.

Suaienae: Of course, but I don't lose my time.
Baylanta: Doing a business doesn't mean to gain a time.
Suaienae: (Laugh) If I am busy doing my business by myself, who will control it? I also need a manager to help me manage everything.

Baylanta: Ah... Great. You are a real entrepreneur.
Suaienae: Not yet. It's just a plan.
Baylanta: Hahahahaa.... I see.
Suaienae: What about the capital?
Baylanta: I will sell you land.
Suaienae: What?!

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