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Top pop band, Pop music, song, band groupSoelar : Do you know ABBA?
Doelar: What’s that?
Soelar : You like music so much, but you don’t know ABBA.
Doelar: I know only traditional music. What is ABBA?

Soelar : ABBA was a pop music group from Sweden. It was formed in Stockholm in 1972.

Doelar: That was old song, Swedish music group. Do you understand Swedish?
Soelar : No. They used English.
Doelar: Wow, great.
Soelar :You wanna be like them, will you?
Doelar: I’ll try.
Soelar : It was the first non-English music group that succeeded in English-speaking countries.
Doelar: What’s the name stand for?
Soelar : Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid
Doelar: Those are the names of the band members?
Soelar : Yes, you’re right.
Doelar: Is that famous in UK and USA?
Soelar : ABBA was famous in both, also in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand.
Doelar: Wow… Cool..!
Soelar : They became the top commercially successful one from 1975 to 1982. They won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974.
Doelar: A contest is a great door for new singers.
Soelar : Yeah, you’re right. You can try to join a contest.
Doelar: I’ll try.
Soelar : They became the best-selling music artists and the second best selling music group of all time. And, you know, they also succeeded in Latin American markets.
Doelar: With Spanish song?
Soelar : Yeah. That’s your favorite language.
Doelar: Yes. Estudiendo Español, the language of love.
Soelar : Why do you say Spanish is a language of love?
Doelar: I don’t know. Many people said that. And, you know, Spanish girls are beautiful.
Soelar : I don’t know.
Doelar: Many people describe a sexy woman with Spanish guitar.
Soelar : But, you don’t have it.
Doelar: I am broke.
Soelar : (Laugh) What a pity you are.
Doelar: I’ll be rich once I get success.
Soelar : Of course! The definition of success hasn’t changed yet.
Doelar: Sometimes I imagine become the one written in history book.
Soelar : You can write by yourself and self-publish it. (Joking) In my point of view, you’re not really serious to be a musician. You haven’t made a great effort for that.
Doelar: You’re wrong. You don’t know my effort. Should I give a report to you?
Soelar : Okay, okay, okay. Then, prove it.

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