8 Phrasal Verbs Use Verb "See" With Examples

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1. see sb (somebody) off

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Meaning: to say good bye in a place that someone is leaving from:
My girl saw me off at the airport last month.
They saw me off at the train station.
We saw them off at the bus station.

2. see sb off

Meaning: to send away someone who is not wanted (usually forcefully):
The security saw the thief off.
My brother saw the boy off who hit my sister.
We ran out and saw the man off.

3. see sth (something) out

Meaning: to wait the end of a difficult event or situation:
The refugees saw the flood out at the very nice refuge.
We saw the rain off at the gasoline station.
We saw the storm off at the good shelter.

4. see sb out

Meaning: to escort the guest to the door:
His secretary saw you out.
We saw our guests out when he came.
I will see you out.
My father sees the guest out

5. see sb/sth off (informal)

Meaning: to defeat someone or something:
Netherland saw off Swiss 5-2
They have seen their opponents off.
I am sure we will see them off.
We must see off our competitors.

6. see sth through

Meaning: try to finish difficult jobs or activities:
Learning Mandarin is not easy, but I will try to see it through.
The training would take me five years to complete, but I will see it through.

7. see sb through sth

Meaning: to help or support someone during a difficult period in their life:
My father gave me $10,000 to see me through the next month.
I will see my brother through until he finishes his study.

8. see through sb/sth

Meaning: to realize that someone tries to deceive you:
He was so kind, but I saw through them.
She was so friendly, but I saw through her.

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