7 English Phrasal Verbs Use Verb "Catch" With Examples

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1. catch on
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Meaning: to become popular:
The game has caught on with students.
This trend is catching on with women in this country.
This phone finally catches on in this city.
Football starts catching on in this country.

2. catch on

Meaning: to understand:
It’s simple, but it took me ages to catch on.
I need a little while to catch on.
Once you perform it, the children will catch on quickly.

3. catch up

Meaning: to reach the same quality or standard as someone or something else:
Our company will catch up with the old companies.
It’s easy for him to catch up with his opponent. He is so smart.
You need more strategy to catch up with your competitors.
With this strategy, you’ll catch them up.

4. catch up

Meaning: to learn or discuss the latest news:  
You need to catch up on all what you heard.
We need to catch up a lot of things to do that.
I read the news carefully to catch up on the news.
I listen to the broadcasting to catch up on what has happened.

5. catch (sb) up

Meaning: to reach someone in front of you by going faster than them:
You can leave now; I still have something to do. I’ll catch you up.
Go on ahead, Brother: We'll catch you up later.
I ran so fast and finally catch him up.

6. catch sb out (informal)

Meaning: to show that someone is doing wrong:
Finally I caught him out after several months interrogate him.
My brother caught him out by asking him tough questions.
She tries to catch him out in a lie.

7. catch sb out (informal)

Meaning: to trick someone into making a mistake:
His opponent tried to catch him out, but he stayed calm.
I caught him out, but he was really smart.
We were caught out by the changeable weather.

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