5 Useful Business Expressions With Examples

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1. an old hand (a person who has long experience)

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He will be a professional mandarin teacher in this school. He is an old hand in it.
He could be a great manager in this company. He is an old hand at this company.
My brother is an old hand at football.
He is an old hand at teaching university students.
I need an old hand person at online marketing to be my business partner.

2. bring to the table (whatever you can possibly offer)
I will show to the boss what I can bring to the table. I am sure this company will get success.
He brought a great skill to the table.
You have to bring great idea to the table.
She doesn’t have anything to bring to the table. She is not the right one to be hired.
Thank you so much, you brought a very useful idea to the table.

3. deep pockets (have a lot of money)
Do you have deep pocket to run such business?
He has deep pocket. He has power to run such business.
I am broke. I don’t have deep pocket.
We hope someone who has deep pocket will help him.
It is only the one who has deep pocket can buy such luxurious house.

4. from day one (from the beginning)
He has started the business from day one. He is your strong competitor.
He hasn’t succeeded though he has started the business from day one.
Starting business from the day one doesn’t mean you’ll get instant success.
If you don’t start from the day one, you will lose the chance.
We started this business from the day one, there’s no other company can be our opponent.

5. on a shoestring (with limited money)
I started this business on a shoestring, but God helped me keep it alive.
We lived on a shoestring before my brother worked at that company.
He decided starting his business on a shoestring, and he works hard for it.
That livestock business run on a shoestring, but it is going to succeed.
Starting business on a shoestring is not easy, but success is possible.

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