You Don't Own A Business, But You Have A Job

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Role Play English About Business

Many people said that if you want to be successful, you must be focused on one business and be professional. While the other said that having many businesses is good. It leads you to a lot of chances to success. The reason for the second is, when you get nothing from your business and you and your family need to eat, will you just stay with that business? Below is a conversation between Soced and Hopid. Both want to be successful businessmen.

Soced: I don't understand at all.
Hopid: Why?
Soced: Failure and success. I feel so far from success. I work hard, but gain nothing.
Hopid: Everything need to be respected. Respect your success, though 1 cent only. Thanks to God for that.
Soced: Please don't talk such sermon.
Hopid: But, I get success, and you don't.
Soced: Are you sure, if I follow you, I'll succeed?
Hopid: You need guarantee from me? Are not sure with yourself? Let yourself be exist, then get success.
Soced: What are you talking about?
Hopid: Friend, This world is so wide. We can go everywhere. Do you think someone promises to birds to give them food? No. They fly in the morning and back fully. You have one business, and get nothing from that business. Why don't you try to do another business?
Soced: Should I do a lot of business by these two hands?!
Hopid: You don't live alone in this world.
Soced: Of course. I know that.
Hopid: Why don't you work together with other people, so you can do a lot of businesses?
Soced: (Sigh)
Hopid: Have you ever read a book written by Michael E. Gerber, E-myth?
Soced: I don't think a book can help me to get success.
Hopid: Of course. But you get new knowledge from the author. Gerber said that if your business depend on you, you don't own a business, you have a job. You work for yourself. You just think about your job. And you have no time to think about the future of your business, because you do that by your own hand. And you have realized it, that you have only two hands.
Soced: (Sigh)
Hopid: To go to California, you should know the way. To get success, you should know the way as well.
Soced: How many businesses you have?
Hopid: One main business, three supporting businesses, and some fun business.
Soced: Are you serious?
Hopid: And you never see me as busy as you, right? I always enjoy my life. But you?
Soced: (Sigh)
Hopid: You are so busy. You can read a book titled When Faster, Harder, Smarter Doesn't Work.

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