What Do You Think About Japanese Wives

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Toseman: What book is that?
Berehim : Japanese book.
Toseman: Do you learn Japanese?
Berehim : Yes.

Toseman: Will you work there?
Berehim : No. I consider to marry a Japanese woman.
Toseman: Wow... That's awesome.
Berehim : Do you like Japanese woman too?

Toseman: If I watch a Japanese movie. Really, really, so beautiful.
Berehim : What about Pakistani woman? Are they beautiful enough too?

Toseman: Maybe the second. Hahahaa...
Berehim : Don't make a joke. You'll not be happy practicing that kind of marriage.
Toseman: Why are you interested in Japanese woman?
Berehim : I like the culture of Japan.
Toseman: Have you ever been there?
Berehim : Never.
Toseman: How do you know that their culture is really interesting?
Berehim : Are you serious asking me that?
Toseman: Yeah, I know. We have known Japanese culture from movie, TV, articles, books, and so on. But, you will choose one woman to live together forever. Are you for real just collecting information from those media?
Berehim : (Sigh)
Toseman: Some media also publish article about how bad Japanese wives are.
Berehim : What?
Toseman: You've never read? You can search on google.
Berehim : That might be personal perception, not a study by an expert.
Toseman: But, that included some stories of ex-husband of Japanese wives.
Berehim : (Smile) In all country, if we ask to husbands who have divorced their wives, they will tell about the wives' badness. And, the ex-wives will do the same. A Japanese woman is not an angel.
Toseman: You may be right.
Berehim : I know some people do not like marry a woman who tends to live with their parents. But, it's not only happen on Japanese wives. Someone may marry a woman who doesn't live with her parents, but it doesn't mean they will not have problems. It's a life in the world, not in heaven.

Toseman: (Smiling) You are so wise.

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