Thief Organizations And Their Rules

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Role Play Thief Organization
Zulkarim was a new comer in Yoclavo village. He was from another town. He had no family in this village. He lived with his wife Lolla and his little daughter Fillye. He worked as a chicken seller. He loves animals such as parrot, pigeon, rabbit, cat, squirrel, etc. This morning he found his parrot not in the cage.

Lolla        : Someone stole it.
Zulkarim: (Smiling) Someone who love it more than me.
Lolla        : Or someone who needs money?
Zulkarim: May be.
Lolla        : We should tell the village chief.
Zulkarim: We're new comers here. We haven't known the culture yet. What we need to do is learning how the people's lives is.

However, his wife could not keep the secret. She shared to the neighbor, Miss Via.

Lolla      : We didn't hear anything last night. He might be a professional thief.
Miss Via: There's a village near from here. In that village, there are some thief organization. Some people said three organizations. One thief organization consist of around 300 members.

Lolla      : Really? So, all of us will be stolen a lot.
Miss Via: (Smiling) No. The thieves have the rule in their action. They belief good day and not good day, good time and not good time, based on the counting of time, day, and the direction of where they should go.

Lolla      : So, you know from where the thief stole my parrot was?
Miss Via: There's someone who even know what the thief like. You can meet him.

Lolla told her husband about her conversation with that lady.

Zulkarim: Thief organization?
Lolla        : Yeah. I think she didn't lie.

Zulkarim: I'll share to some chicken seller in the market later about it.

It was the first time Zulkarim came to this new animal market. She didn't sell anything, but just to have friends. Then he found an old bird seller Mr. Qirom on the way in the market.

Zulkarim  : This is so beautiful, Sir.
Mr. Qirom: Yeah. You like it.
Zulkarim  : (Sit beside that seller) I buy four female and one male, Sir.
Mr. Qirom: Okay. Where are you from? I've never seen you before.
Zulkarim  : I am a new comer. I am living in Yoclave now.
Mr. Qirom: Uh, come to my house. My house is near from your village. What's your job?
Zulkarim  : I am chicken seller, Sir. I plan to be a seller in this market.
Mr. Qirom: Uh, Good. You're in the right place. But, you should understand the character of the people, and the other sellers as well. The first you need to do is learn about the social here.
Zulkarim  : Thank you, Sir.
Mr. Qirom: Come to my house. I'll share you a lot about the life here.

Zulkarim came to Mr. Qirom's house in the afternoon. That old man shared a lot about the life in this town.

Mr. Qirom: Be a good friend of the leader of the thief. Visit his house and bring some food he likes. Help him if he needs something. He will save your house.
Zulkarim  : (Pay full attention)
Mr. Qirom: One thief organization is an opponent of other thief organization. Look that house (Pointed a house). That's a house of a professional thief. He can fly. But, he never steal his neighbor stuff and no other thieves dare to steal in this village because of him.
Zulkarim  : So, his job is stealing?
Mr. Qirom: (Laughing) It's a life, young man. We can not fight this nature. sometimes we must fight, so our strength, and sometimes we should follow when we find no power.
Zulkarim  : (Nodding)

Mr. Qirom: Look that woman (Pointed an old woman). She has 8 children without husband.
Zulkarim  : Really?! Doesn't the village chief care about it?
Mr. Qirom: It's a life. Humans have rules in their lives, but they live as animal sometimes.
Zulkarim  : (Sigh) What about her family? Her children must be embarrassed of it.
Mr. Qirom: Don't you think her children will be thieves or such crime actors?
Zulkarim  : Is there anyone care about it?
Mr. Qirom: You? (Smiling)
Zulkarim  : (Sigh)
Mr. Qirom: Do you know a big religious school on the way to this village?
Zulkarim  : Yes, I see. Why?
Mr. Qirom: That school was built by the leader of the thief organization in that village. And a village next to that village, the village chief is a leader of the thief organization, may be ex-leader.
Zulkarim  : (Sigh) I think, it's useless to report a crime to police.

Mr. Qirom: (Smiling) A gun could not rule the life. It's human life, not as simple as shooting a gun.
Zulkarim  : (Sigh)
Mr. Qirom: We should understand each other, don't just care about our own live. We live together in this world.And we do not bring our wealth to the grave.
Zulkarim  : I understand.

{Role Play} 

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