There Is No Opponent In Business

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Role Play English About Business

Doerto has a food store in his town. He has run it for about 3 years. Three months ago someone opened the same store as his near from his store. He does not like it and think that that store seizes his customer. He tried to share with his best friend Spirto.

Spirto  : There's no opponent in business. All business men are your friends.
Doerto: But... They sell the same product as mine. They take my customer.
Spirto  : What if many people buy your products at once, maybe 200 people come together, could you                      handle it?
Doerto: (Stare at him)
Spirto  : If you couldn't handle it, then some of your customers, may be more than the rest, will go away to                 find another store. And they might think that your store is not convenient.
Doerto: That's only your imagination.
Spirto  : Yeah, it's only imagination. But, I think you get it.
Doerto: The fact I have a few customers.
Spirto  : Another store that you claim as your opponent?
Doerto: I think he gets more.
Spirto  : Do you know where does he get the products from?
Doerto: I don't know.
Spirto  : In my point of view, it's your chance to have a great business.
Doerto: What chance?
Spirto  : You can be a distributor, and let him get the products from you.
Doerto: And we sell it together here?!
Spirto  : (Smiling) You can hire someones to handle it.
Doerto: (Thinking)
Spirto  : It's your chance, Brother. It means that the product you sell is demanded.
Doerto: What if I use magic.
Spirto  : Hahahahahaaa..... Magic? You think to use magic? I've never thought you'll say that.
Doerto: (Sigh)

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