The Most Important Language In The World

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Role Play English The Most Important Language

Faris and Darrin are friends. Both are students of a business school. Today they have a conversation in the courtyard.

Farid  : What book is that?
Darrin: Russian book.
Farid  : Are you learning Russian?
Darrin: Yes.
Farid  : Do you think that's important.
Darrin: You know, Russian girls are so beautiful.
Farid  : That's the only reason you learn that language? Don't waste your time, Friend. Why don't those                      Russian girls learning your language?
Darrin: If arguing is a good way to get what I want, I'll do it.
Farid  : If you learn Russian because of the history of that country, that's so great.
Darrin: That's your opinion.
Farid  : In my point of view, it's good to learn Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French.
Darrin: What about Arabic. I think in all places in this world, we can meet Muslim.
Farid  : May be. But, you know, how is the economic progress of China. And if you are interested in technology, learning German is important. And Spanish, it's used in 21 countries, included Equatorial, Guinea, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia.
Darrin: Wow, great.
Farid  : People said that Spanish is a language of love. It's the most romantic language.
Darrin: Wow, surprised. You talk about love. (Smiling)
Farid  : Yeah, I am normal.
Darrin: You'll learn all those languages?
Farid  : I think so.
Darrin: How many years do you need? Will you spend your entire life just to learn many languages?
Farid  : I can learn 3 hours everyday.
Darrin: After you speak all those languages, what will you do?
Farid  : I'll have a lot of relations.
Darrin: What for the relation if you don't have any skill, what you can do just speak many languages.
Farid  : Be a translator.
Darrin: Just that? Do you think people will regard you as a professional translator if you tell people about all              those languages?
Farid  : You? What will you if you can speak Russian?
Darrin: I'll marry a Russian girl. I'll make her a very happy woman in this world. I'll be the best husband for                her. I'll do a lot of business and hire a lot of translators included you.
Farid  : Me?
Darrin: Yeah. You. Do you trust me?
Farid  : Not one hundred percent.
Darrin: (Sigh)

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