The Marriage Faces The Culture

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It's a dialogue between two young man. One of them want to marry a woman. His friend suggest him to follow the culture rule.

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Rahbini    : I want to meet her tomorrow.
Burhaman: Tomorrow? Are you serious?
Rahbini    : What happen?!
Burhaman: Don't you know that tomorrow is Sweet Friday? Sweet Friday.
Rahbini    : But, There's another man will visit her. The sooner is better.
Burhaman:You'll get nothing. You must choose Monday Kleewon.
Rahbini    : That's too long..!!
Burhaman: Listen...!! If you visit her tomorrow, she will see you like a very bad man, ugly man.
Rahbini    : Really?
Burhaman: If you want to try, it's up to you. You take the risk.
Rahbini    : Is there any other option?
Burhaman: Option?
Rahbini    : Yeah, it may change the direction where I should go.
Burhaman: Let me check.
Rahbini    : (Waiting)
Burhaman: Aaahh....!! I get. You can go tomorrow, but the time must be at 9 am in the morning and you should go there through the south way of this village. So you will get to her house from behind. That's good.
Rahbini    : Oh my God, that's a very hard way, a tough road.

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