Sudden Love Of Friendship

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Role Play English About Love

It's a conversation between Bram and Lillye after being apart for so long.

Bram: Hi, how are you?
Lillye: Hi, you. Fine. You? It's been so long we've never met.
Bram: Yeah. I am hiding.
Lillye: Hiding? Don't make a joke.
Bram: (Smiling) You look so beautiful.
Lillye: Oh, I am flattered. Thank you.
Bram: Could you imagine, what if you become my wife?
Lillye: What?! Are you joking.
Bram: (Laughing and staring) How many children do you want?
Lillye: Twelve. Could you?
Bram: Twelve. Hmm... What about fifteen?
Lillye: Twenty, it doesn't matter.
Bram: Hahahahaaa... Crazy. Are still single?
Lillye: Yes, I am. You?
Bram: I am waiting for you.
Lillye: Surprise...!!
Bram: Why?
Lillye: We were together as friends for more than 7 years. Then you were hiding and came back with the                 hope to be ...
Bram: Just try to imagine, you and I raising children together, live happily together.
Lillye: (Staring)
Bram: Are you for real?
Lillye: What if I come to your house and meet your parent. Then I'll tell them that I wanna marry you.
Bram: Serious...?!
Lillye: Come on...! Are your parents at home?
Bram: Are you joking me?
Lillye: You are so beautiful, so kind, so friendly. You are best of the best. You are my everything.
Bram: So sudden.
Lillye: I could imagine what the family is if you marry me this way. Are you serious?! Do you love me?
Bram: I'll tell my parents. Then let's to your house to meet your parent.
Lillye: Wait...!! Ridiculous...!!
Bram: (Smiling)
Lillye: You're joking me.
Bram: I am sure, you'll be a great mother for our children.
Lillye: (Staring, so curious) I don't understand at all..!!
Bram: Come on...!
Lillye: Where?
Bram: To your house.
Lillye: What are you talking about?! You're just my friend.
Bram: (Smiling)
Lillye: Crazy.
Bram: Hahaha... ahahaha... hmhmh...
Lillye: Why do you laugh?! Do you think it's funny?!
Bram: You're so beautiful.
Lillye: Thank you.
Bram: You like children, aren't you?
Lillye: Yeah, I like children so much.
Bram: Come on. Let's get married. You're old enough to get married.
Lillye: Why should I marry you?
Bram: Because I do love you.
Lillye: (Starring, silent)

{English Conversation}

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