Sousin is A Great Business Man

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{English Conversation}

Sousin is a great man. He is a hard worker. He is doing businesses: raising livestock, selling animal food, selling pets, and join some networking business. He is so busy all the time.

Fillieyn is a young man. He is interested in learning about culture. He is always involved in cultural event in the village. He likes sharing with older people, especially his grandpa.

Sousin: Filli, don't you ever think about the future?
Fillieyn: (Smiling) Always and never stop. Why did you ask that?
Sousin: I see you live your life without spirit. You run the time so slow.
Fillieyn: (Smiling) Do you see the sun run faster?
Sousin: I don't think so. But time is moving so fast, even too fast.
Fillieyn: Really? Are you sure?
Sousin: I live my life so hard. I run so fast. I force my mind to think smartly.
Fillieyn: Then...? What do you get?
Sousin: (Sigh)
Fillieyn: Nothing...? You might run too fast, and what you are looking for run to you so fast as well. Then                   both of you cross each other.
Sousin: What are you talking about?
Fillieyn: Hahahahahahahahahaa.... (Laugh out louder). Sorry, just kidding.
Sousin: Everybody works hard to survive. It's not easy to succeed. You get it....?!!!
Fillieyn: You don't need to pursue your shadow. It will come to you when the sun gets above you.
Sousin: Don't you want to succeed?!
Fillieyn: What is success?
Sousin: (Sigh)
Fillieyn: Do you want it?
Sousin: Of course! All people want it. Ridiculous...!
Fillieyn: You want it, but you don't know what it is. How come?
Sousin: When you get what you want, it means you get success.
Fillieyn: I have got it. I live my life happily. Success has come to me. If you want it, call it. It will run to you.
Sousin: Don't make a joke.
Fillieyn: (Smiling)

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