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  I know Verona, the city of love, for the first time in this movie. It is an incredible movie, stunning, charming, adorable and really wonderful story. Watching this movie will remind you to your own love story and you will dream to have and endless love like Claire Smith (Vanessa Redgrave).

The gorgeous scenery of Italy made me fall in love with this country. I learned the language. I wanted to speak like the actors. I felt that I was in Italy when I watched it. I watched this movie many times.

A good love story can make the audience wish to be the character. And this movie does. And I was the one of those audiences who felt being someone in the movie.

Gael García Bernal as Victor does well his role as Seyfried's fiancé. He was a workaholic fiancé. His acting showed that there was no love scenery in this film. He just works and works. Then Charlie comes bringing the scene of love.

Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is very beautiful actress I know ever. She does her excellent job of portraying her character. I do love this character. She was intelligent, warmth and charm. She is like the only character in that movie.

She is the efficient event checker of The New Yorker while her fiancé Victor (Gael García Bernal) is a chef. He opened his own restaurant in Italy. Both travelled to Verona to have a pre-honeymoon. Victor will visit his suppliers too. Victor attends many meetings there and does not give much attention to Sophie.

Sophie visits the historical places, the house of Juliet. She does not join Victor in Livorno. She meets secretaries of Juliet that replay the letters of love letters of tourists who visit that sacred site. She joins them to reply some love letters.

Once she finds an unanswered letter from 1957 written by a British woman. She is Claire Smith. The letter is hidden behind a brick. Sophie decides to reply the letter. This ancient letter changes her life dramatically. This letter carries her, Claire and the snobbish and skeptic prig Charlie (Christopher Egan), her grandson.

Claire comes to Verona to find Lorenzo Bartolini, her lovely ex-boyfriend, after receiving the letter from Sophie. There are 74 Lorenzo Bartolini in this country. However, true love does not have an expiration date.

Then they decide to venture the incredible love story ever. Do they find Lorenzo Bartolini? Watch this movie.

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