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I have experience in teaching English while studying English in a university. What do you think about the title of this article? Is it weird or really strange? I'll tell you my experience a little. I am a Musliam and it's suggested to keep Quran in heart, to recite it many times, to memorize it. However, English is an important international language nowadays. We can not avoid it that we should learn English.

I got confused how to manage the time: learning English or learning Quran? After thinking about it no longer I found the idea. I must make massive access as E G Hook said. Read, write, speak and listen English. I did it. Then I conclude that learning English is not like learning Physics or Geography. English is a tool in communication, so use it.

What you need to do in learning another language is getting a lot of words, get used to or be familiar with the English sound and text. To get used to it, you must use it. 

So, needn't to divide the time to read Quran and learning English because I can read Quran with English translation (But make sure you understand the meaning. It's not suggested if you really need to learn the meaning of the Quran. It's just to make you familiar with English). And let's I share my video, a beautiful Quran recitation by my favorite reciter Mishary Bin Rashid. Here the video with English subtitle:

1. Al Fatihah

It's the beginning of Muslim holy book Quran, consist of 7 verses. This Surah must be recited in every praying. It's a must. By reciting this Surah, you pray for peace of the world. Why I say that, "Guide me to the right path" it's one verse in this Surah. If you are in the right path, you will this world always in peace.

Enjoy it and get used to with the English text.     

2. Adh Duha

4. Alam Nasyrah

3. At Tiin

I will upload more videos. I also learn English through song and movie scene.

Then what about Grammar? I'll explain a little here. Later, not now. It's so simple.

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