I Don't Love My Country

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English conversation working in another countrySadiruan is Burauman's friend. Sadiruan plan to work abroad to get more money. He doesn't like living in this country because he doesn't find any job with good salary. So, he hopes to find it abroad. Burauman thinks that his decision is not good. 
Burauman: We're so lucky living in this country, right?
Sadiruan   : If we always say, "Thank you, God", we're always lucky.
Burauman: Living in our own country is better than living abroad.
Sadiruan   : What if the situation is bad?
Burauman: We should try, make a great effort to make it better.
Sadiruan   : (Smiling) God has created this world for us. He spreads out His mercy.
Burauman: I see. But, your family is here.
Sadiruan   : Yeah, they are in this planet, not in Mars.
Burauman: (Sigh) ... So, you'll not back out your decision?
Sadiruan   : It's not a big stuff. It's just like we do every day. We go to market, go to another village, go to another town, go to rice field. It's okay, right? So ... why... when I'm going to another country, everyone deems it as a big mistake?
Burauman: It's not trivial, Sadir. Think wisely. Many people failed to get success abroad.
Sadiruan   : I don't think success is in another country. I just see that I'll get more money there. It's from God for all human being. I am not forbidden to take it.
Burauman: All people love their own country and living there. They feel as one nation, one nationality, and one country. And you?
Sadiruan   : I feel that we are the same as human living in this planet as creature created by God and He provides our needs. We are the same, we are humans.
Burauman: What if they don't accept you?
Sadiruan   : I'll find the others who accept me.
Burauman: What if you don't find?
Sadiruan   : (Laughing) If you think that way, I'll ask you what if there's a plane fall down here, or a sudden earthquake happens? Tomorrow is mystery for all creatures.
Burauman: (Sigh)
Sadiruan   : In my point of view, all human in this world is my brothers and sisters. I don't care in what country they are, what nationalities they are. All are the same.
Burauman: Is this your final decision?
Sadiruan   : Maybe not.
Burauman: You must think seriously.
Sadiruan   : But, I mustn't be too much considered. Going to another country doesn't mean going to the life in the hereafter where we cannot back again to the world.
Burauman: I see. You're different. You must consider the risk.
Sadiruan   : Everything we do has good and bad effects. And, most people who have much knowledge just look at the bad one. They know more than the ones with little knowledge.
Burauman: Do you think I am like the first one?
Sadiruan   : You know that.


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