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of business is not provided in class. Most successful businessmen learn through their journey and from other successful businessmen. Business is a life with an ongoing learning. Here are some advice for you to start your new business.

We are friends of mystery
Tomorrow is mystery for all of us. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. However, we have already known, and it's so clear that tomorrow will come, unless the world ends. So that, don't waste years waiting to take action. Whatever a plan you make, it will not be perfect, but do not jump into a business with a blind eyes without any planning. It is more important for you to learn everything through your experience. Surely, you will be a great entrepreneur by learning from the mistake, the failure, and the little success that have already come to you. So let them come into your warm welcome, not your blind eyes.

Don't look money at their pocket
Do you see the people around you have a lot of money that may become your capital for your business? Good idea. But you must realize that they also have the same thought as you do. Don't start your business from other pocket. Try to reconsider your concept. Make sure that you really start from the manageable early stage venture. If your concept is really good, there are a lot of investor hunt your business to put their money.

One but perfect
Do you see a lot of opportunities surround you? You find the shadow of gold. Many new entrepreneurs like to jump at every opportunity. Make an adventure and take the risk. Opportunity is an enemy inside the blanket sometimes. Consider your effectiveness and your productivity. Do one thing perfectly is better than 100 jobs poorly.

Go into social
There is no successful businessmen get their success alone. All people live together in this planet and make interaction all the time. The more social you are, the more opportunity of success waiting for you. Make people familiar with your business, not just know at a glance.

Do not act like someone with a thousand hands
You may feel that you know more about your business, so you want to do everything by your hand. You just believe in your heart and think that other people cannot do what you want. If you are just selling a friend rice in a stall, it may be possible to make your customers stay in line. You need to structure the operation of your business. You need to control the long road of your business. Your business does not only need your hand, but really need your attention.

Those advice may be useful for you to start your business. Always remember that when you define yourself as a businessman, you are working on your dream now. Look your goal, you will catch it.

The article above is about business. It's one of my activity in improving my writing skill. Reading and writing every day. I don't think learning writing theory a lot is not important, but do it too much is not good. Learning without action is nothing.

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