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Role Play English About Learning Spanish

Joko and Bowo are students of a university. They take the same program, Sociology. Joko is interested in learning Spanish.

Joko : I have been learning Spanish for more than 6 months, but I can't speak any word.
Bowo: How the way you learn it?
Joko : I learn the grammar, and memorize some words.
Bowo: Do you understand the grammar rule?
Joko : Yes, I do.
Bowo: Can you read a spanish text?
Joko : I don't understand at all.
Bowo: Can you understand when you listen to spanish conversation?
Joko : No, I can't.
Bowo: How many languages do you speak now?
Joko : Two local languages and English.
Bowo: How did you learn both?
Joko : I didn't learn. I found people around speak both and I speak too.
Bowo: What about Spanish?
Joko : The grammar is so complicated, you know?
Bowo: English? Do you understand the grammar suddenly?
Joko : I think so.
Bowo: Why don't you try learning Spanish that way? Try it.
Joko : How can read a Spanish text without understanding of the grammar?
Bowo: I didn't mean that. First, you need to make habit using Spanish: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Grammar and vocabulary book or dictionary just to help you when you get difficult to understand or do not know the meaning of certain words. So you don't need to memorize grammar rule and a lot of words. Keep in touch with Spanish. Make massive access.
Joko : Good idea.
Bowo: Post a lot of papers on the wall of your room. Make one or more of your activity just use Spanish. From now on, don't read news, but only news written in Spanish.
Joko : Okay, I'll try.

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