Frengk and His Father

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Role Play English Dialogue

Frengk: I don't play game.
Father: You have to study. Don't play game. No TV in your room.
Frengk met his friend Douren.

Frengk: What do you think about my father?
Douren: You should move out.
Frengk: To be a homeless guy?
Douren: (Laugh)
Frengk: (Silent)
Douren: Which one do you prefer?
Frengk: I think, you're not wrong, but not right either.
Douren: You should make a choice. You can not go to east and west at once.
Frengk: I know.
Douren: What about your girl friend?
Frengk: Liane?
Douren: She is very kind.
Frengk: You mean, she want to help me?
Douren: Why not?

Frengk met Liane in the yard of library at school.

Liane: Your dad might want you not to be lazy and do unproductive habits. 
Frengk: Just one hour.
Liane: or two hours.
Frengk: Yes.
Liane: We have weekend to do what we want.
Frengk: Weekend is only two days.
Liane: You want to have free time more than your busy moment?
Frengk: If I can, why not.
Liane: Do you think it makes sense?
Frengk: (Sigh)
Liane: You'll grow up and become a man, not become a child any more.
Frengk: I see.

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