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Blog Visitors Info Based On The Country

englih discussion dialogue seo blog
englih discussion dialogue seo blog
Mu'in: An, do you see that?
Mi'an: What?
Mu'in: My blog visitors.
Mi'an: Most of your visitors are from Indonesia, your own country. What's the language?

Mu'in: I write in English.  But, I also share about other languages.
Mi'an: How many visitors a day?
Mu'in: Less than average. It's only around 100 visitors a day, sometimes less, sometimes more.
Mi'an: How do you get visitors?
Mu'in: I share my blog on facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, photobucket, and on youtube.
Mi'an: You have a lot of Indonesian friends, right?

Mu'in: Yeah. But, I have more foreign friends on google plus.
Mi'an: Do you keep in touch with them?
Mu'in: (Sigh) Not really.
Mi'an: You're a writer. You are talking with your readers through your blog. No friend without communication.
Mu'in: You're right. I think so. I like European country. I want to make friends with people there and try to know more about that continent.
Mi'an: Be a friend of European loggers. What is your blog about?
Mu'in: I write about language, fiction, and culture.
Mi'an: You learn about European culture?
Mu'in: Yeah, especially the countries in British isle. What about yours?
Mi'an: (Smiling) It's been more than two months I don't write anything.

Mu'in: Why? You were a passionate writer.
Mi'an: Yes, I was.
Mu'in: What makes you change?
Mi'an: Condition of my life. You know my job.

Mu'in: I see. But, you can hire content writer to keep your blog update.
Mi'an: That'd be great idea.

Mu'in: You don't need to work all day if your blog generate money to your pocket.
Mi'an: Do you get it from your blog?
Mu'in: A little, not enough for my daily need. But, writing and blogging is my passion.
Mi'an: (Smiling)

Mu'in: So that why I keep in touch with internet.
Mi'an: (Smiling)

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