Don't Force Others, Live In Peace

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Role Play English About Freedom 
Hubeeby and Fian are friends. Both are studying at the same university, but different program. Hubeeby is a writer. He like reading, love books. He reads a lot of books all the time. He spends his time much to read and write. He likes reading cultural books very much. Fian has just learnt about Islam. He joins a religious organization.

Hubeeby: Don't talk about religion.
Fian       : Are you an atheist?
Hubeeby: No.
Fian       : But why you don't want to talk about religion?
Hubeeby: Belief is in heart. Everybody has their own.
Fian       : Don't you forget that we should tell others the truth.
Hubeeby: Don't tell, but show it.
Fian       : It's an obligation.
Hubeeby: (Smiling) Are you better than Abu Bakar, Umar, Utsman, and Ali?
Fian       : Why you asked that?
Hubeeby: Do you still remember when a Christian woman came to Umar and He asked why didn't he                          become a Muslimah, then Umar regretted what had he done to that woman and felt had forced                      her to be a Muslimah. Umar asked God's forgiveness.
Fian       : (Silent)
Hubeeby: Spread out peace. People like the one who spreads out peace and whatever he or she has                            included his or her religion.

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