Customer and The Company Should Understand Each Other

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Have you ever got a complaint? If you live alone, you will never get it.

I will tell my experience.

Promoting means inviting them to join to be your customers. It is common promising a lot of sweet things to impress people to be customers. Some companies considered it before promote their products or services, and the rest is not.

A seller sometimes or even talks mostly more than the fact of the products or the services. Then people think that they will get more what they want.

I have some experiences in this account. I was a buyer or a user. I did not get what the seller said before. I also get it when I worked in a company. Some clients complained and I could do nothing rather than just blamed myself.

Just now I had some guests. They are men, co-worker of a national company in my country. I have complained a lot on the fans page about the service. But I did not get what I want. Then yesterday the problem happened again. It has been more than 5 months with the same problem. I sent an email with a little expression of anger. They came to my house with a so serious facial expression. I welcomed them. I thought they would be angry, but I was wrong. But no smile.

I questioned how the company recruited the employee on that email. I think I am wrong. But that's me when I felt disappointed about the service.

Keep smile...

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