Crocodile, Kancil, and Monkey

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Kancil     : (Walking alone on the river bank, run away from the angry monkey)
Crocodile: Hi, who are you? What are you doing here?
Kancil     : (Thinking, look at that big crocodile. Get near.) I am the ambassador of the king of this jungle.                       Our King ordered me to count your number in this river. Please make a good line.
Crocodile: Oh, I am so sorry, Mister Kancil. With pleasure I'll do it. All inhabitants, all crocodiles, please                        make a good line. (All crocodiles make a good line)
Kancil     : (Very happy) How I can cross this river easily (It thinks)
Crocodile: (Let Kancil walks on their back)
Kancil     : One, two, three, four, ... (Until finish)
Crocodile: Finish? Where is that ambassador?
Monkey  : (Running so fast to the bank of the river)
Crocodile: Hi, you...!! Why do you run so fast?
Monkey  : I am looking for a lier, my enemy, Kancil.
Crocodile: What? Your enemy! Isn't that an ambassador of our King? I'll kill you...!!
Monkey  : Wait, wait, wait, wait...!!
Crocodile: I'll kill you...!!
Monkey  : Run... (Climbing a tree). It's a lier. It's an ambassador. Who said that it's an ambassador?
Crocodile: It told us. It told us that our King ordered it to count us and we made a good line on this river.
Monkey  : It lied to you.
Crocodile: What? Lie...
Monkey  : Where's it now?
Crocodile: I don't know.
Monkey  : Kancil has lied to me and to you. So it's our enemy now. Come on, catch it..!! Help me to cross                    this river
Crocodile: You're right. Come on...!!
Kancil     : Sitting alone on the grass after eating too much.
Crocodile: Catch you...!!
Kancil     : (Put its finger at its mouth, gives a sign to be silent) There's an angel.
Crocodile: Angel? (With whisper voice)
Monkey  : (Coming) It's a lier!! Don't believe it...!!
Crocodile: Wushhh... There's an angel (With a low voice)
Kancil     : (Run away)

This story is a folklore in Indonesia. I heard this story from my uncle, and many old people were so familiar with this story. I try to write here, but with a little change.

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