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Role Play English About A Leader

It is an affair of presidential election in this country. All people will take part on it. All people asking each other who want to be the leader and which one is the best leader is. Robbit and Ceto is two of those people. They are talking about their country, their leader, and the problem as well.

Robbit: Many people will not take part in this affair. They are disappointed to the former leader.
Ceto   : You right. They give up, think that there will not be a good leader elected.
Robbit: And they will complain if the worst leader is elected.
Ceto   : Yeah. That's them.
Robbit: But they are not totally wrong. We've seen how our leaders are.
Ceto   : Even someone in a remote area knows that.
Robbit: How worst the leader, he or she is the one of us.
Ceto   : You mean...
Robbit: Yeah. We chose a leader among us. That's us.
Ceto   : (Sigh)
Robbit: All people perceive that a leader is a lier, a betrayer, a corruptor, ect. Their think so in their                          subconscious mind. They found the proofs of that perception.
Ceto   : You right. It's not good to allow all people knowing all problems inside the goverment. Just                             someones who ready to know that and really want to improve it wisely.
Robbit: No child will care of a serious problem.
Ceto   : So, no need to know the problem.
Robbit: Do you think that there must be restriction of journalism?
Ceto   : I think so.
Robbit: (Sigh)
Ceto   : As like in a family. All the members of the family should know each other. It may be good. But it's                not good to show the children a gun they have. They don't need to show the little kid that the father                has a problem with the mother.
Robbit: You are right. I agree with you.
Ceto   : We read about ad news every day, the badness of the goverment that we can not improve it. What              we can do just complain.
Robbit: And it's our country, and they are our goverment.
Ceto   : Nobody is perfect. And we can't choose an angel as our leader.
Robbit: (Smiling)

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