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Nelson Mandela - The South African activist and former president Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) helped bring an end to apartheid and has been a global advocate. He was a leader for peaceful protests and armed resistance against the oppressive regime of the white minority in South Africa race is divided. His actions landed in jail for nearly three decades, and make the face of the anti-apartheid movement, both locally and internationally. Here is a short Nelson Mandela Biography.

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  • He was born July 18, 1918.
  • He Born in Transkei and Africa.
  • When he was born, his name Rolihlahla Mandela.
  • His birth name means "to pull a branch of the tree" and "troublemakers."
  • He grew up in a rural area, and was involved in activities such as grazing animals.
  • As a small child, he attended boarding school.
  • He is working toward a bachelor's degree when he was in college.
  • He became vice president of the African National Congress.
  • He had a lawyer as well as an activist and politician.
  • According to him, life in prison for life.
  • During his time in prison, he was able to hold secret talks with de Klerk, President of South Africa. Because of the conversation, he was able to be released.
  • While in prison, he was told that if the violence stops working, that would allow him to go free. He said he does not agree with this provision.
  • Mandela in prison for more than 27 years.
  • His only son passed away due to AIDS.
  • In 1993, he was surprised, and Mandela shared the Nobel Peace Prize with de Klerk.
  • They won the Nobel Peace Prize is to get rid of the apartheid regime.
  • In 1994, the first South African president is elected by a democratic system has become, and became the first black president.
  • His hobby is boxing.
  • Nelson Mandela was a Christian.
  • He was married in 1944 to Evelyn Ntoko MASE. They were married for 13 years. Winnie Madikizela married in 1958 and divorced in 1996 after 38 years. In 1998, the feast day of his birth 80, he married Graca Machel, who is the widow of the former president of Mozambique.
  • Nelson Mandela in hospital for respiratory infections for more than one month in Pretoria, South Africa before turn 95 and was in serious condition with inflammation in the lungs and on life support for nearly six months.
  • He died at his home in the December 5, 2013 at the age of 95.
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