Why Should Children Learn Poetry And How To Teach Them?

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Why should children learn poetry? Does parents in this era ask themselves like that? Does learning poetry can lead the children to succeed? Is poetry trivial and useless for the students or children?

Word is a symbol.  A word represents everything such as feeling, hope, etc. Poetry is a set of words ordered by the authors to symbolize their feeling, their hope, their soul, their life. Poetry can allow them to paint sketches of their lives, using metaphor, imagery and symbolic language describe painful experiences, happiness, passion, or parts of themselves that they are not ready to share. Therefore, we can know each other through poetry.

Poetry is rhythm and music sounds and beats. It can activate your heart and soul. It fosters Social and Emotional Learning.

It’s important to teach poetry to young generation/children. Children may not know the meaning of certain words, but they will understand from the rhythm, intonation, expression. Ask them to repeat reciting poem after you. Let them to create their own. Read them various poems. Let them find their interesting type of poem on poetry book or poetry websites. There are a lot of poetry for kids, famous poems for kids.

Carry out more practice with them. Try to use wonderful pictures to give them more understanding about what being presented by the poem. Search some poems on Google, you'll find poetry for children, children poetry, kids poem, etc.

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