The Similarities with Japanese Culture

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Japan had been colonizing Indonesia for so long. I was not born yet at that time. However, I got the lesson from school and from old people in the neighborhood. That was a miserable story. However, I'd like to say "Yesterday is gone."

It was obligated to me as a child to study about Culture in religious school. My religious teacher taught me how to behave in social and we must behave so. If not, the people around would inform to the teacher. I and my friends would get punished if we did not behave as our teacher taught.

When I read some articles and stories about Japanese culture, I found some similarities between that country with the culture in my district, especially in my village. I read a blog about 10 Reason Why Japan Is So Great.

As we know on TV, most Japanese like to bow their head to honor someone. It is almost the same as being taught in my religious teacher in religious school. All teachers and adult persons suggested  us as a child to stand up and bow our body a little bit to honor our teacher, guest, and older people who approach us.

On that blog, the story about 10 reasons why Japan is so great, the writer said that when he got into a changing room in a fashion store, he slipped off his shoes. And when he got out of that room, he found his shoes were well arranged in the same direction. Who did that?

It's the same as my religious teacher taught in religious school. As children, we suggested to serve our teacher, parents, and adults, even our upper level. When we found shoes or sandals are messing around, it's a good chance to get reward from God by arranging it all in a good order.

I think there are so many similarities among the Asian countries, as well as the language. Japan and Indonesia have the polite expression. We use different words when we talk with friends and adults or honor people.

I think that's all. I hope you enjoy this article.

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