Recount: My Experience With A Little Mouse

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Recount is English text form to tell experience. English learners must learn it. When the teacher teach the students simple past tense, recount is the best way to practice. Bellow is my experience when I was in junior high school. It is funny story.

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It was evening. The wall of my kitchen was made from bamboo. There is a small stable for animals in the corner. I always saw mice playing around. You know, I am an animal lover, all animals, but a caterpillar.

I love reading. At that time I felt so bored, but I really wanted to read books. Then I tried to find a friend, but it was impossible to get human friends. Then I try to get animal friend. That was a mouse. I tried to trap one or more using some furniture in my kitchen.

My parents were in front, in living room. They didn't know what I did. Finally I got one. I put it in a plastic basket and brought it to my room. It was so cute. I gave it a little rice. The mouse ate while wiping its mouth sometimes. That night was like the noon. I had a friend accompanying me to read over the night.

In the morning I should go to school, Junior high school. I got confused. My Mum would find that mouse and kill it. I didn't it happen. I tried to find the best place to hide it, but I didn't. Finally, I brought it to school. I put it in a small bottle.

Unfortunately, when the first session finished the lid of the bottle opened and the mouse got out. It ran out through the door. Some friends saw it, but didn't know where that mouse from. I told to my chairmate about that mouse. He said, "You are so weird," while laughing at me. I am animal lover.

That's all my story. Doing a lot of writing exercise means honing our writing skill.

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