Reading and Writing Exercise: Gun Violences, Is Gun The Real Problem?

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learning English in real. This is my reading and writing exercise. I read a news then I tried to give response.

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I still remember the name of a shooting victim in the US several years ago. He died. His name is Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumban Toruan. He was shot in class. We still remember the incident in Colorado. And if you read yahoo news now, you will read this:
ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) — A 12-year-old New Mexico boy drew a shotgun from a band-instrument case and shot and wounded two classmates at his middle school Tuesday morning before a teacher talked him into dropping the weapon and he was taken into custody, officials and witnesses said.
A boy was critically injured and a girl was in satisfactory condition following the shooting at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell. Yahoo News
I am not in the US. However, I am living in this planet. Everybody in this world is my brother and my sister. No matter whose children are they, they are my generations, our generations. We must care of them. It is so sad when I read this:

... Some Berrendo students posted on their Facebook sites that they were frightened and didn't want to return to classes.

"I'm still scared to go back to school," Carranza said. 
They should be enjoying their study in school. Isn't it's so good if a school becomes their second home, not the place to end their life. This is debatable in such country like US. Some people support the gun ownership by individuals, while the other do not support it, and the rest are careless. They may think it's their right to have guns.

Is gun the real problem?

In my country there is a small island which is notorious because of the people in the rural area have a bad tradition killing each other using sickle. Actually, sickle is not a weapon, it's just a tool to collect grass in ricefield for animal food. However, how many people died because of that tool. Should sickle ownership be restricted? Then how about the animal? The people use that tool for gardening. Most farmers use it when they go to ricefield.

Another dangerous place belongs because of the magic to the people. If you come there and break their law, you will be injured inside of your body. You won't see anybody doing that. That's dangerous.

What about gun?

Gun is dangerous. Sickle is dangerous. Knife is dangerous. We have knives in our kitchens. Stone is also dangerous. However, if we consider the level of dangerousness, which one is more dangerous? And how easy to prevent accidents that might be caused by it?

About a knife in the kitchen. That's so dangerous if the kid took it and stab his or her brother or sister. However, it's easier to avoid it than to avoid a gun. They can run to avoid the knife stab, but impossible for the gun.

Then, what is the problem?

What about war? Does everybody love an activity named "War"? I don't think all of you will say "Yes".

In UK, british police don't have guns. I don't think it's better than in America or other countries. They might be afraid to arrest the crime with a gun in hand, unless they have another skill. Someone said on yahoo answer:

The UK Cops have learnt, to the greater extent, to use verbal communications rather than a show of force. 

If that's a fact, that's so great I think. They give good example to the society. In my country where I am living in, Indonesia, it's not once police and army stroke each other like children playing a plastic gun on the playground. 

If may I ask, why does someone like to kill someone else? Do you have any answer to this question? 

How come someone knows how to kill someone else? Being inspired? They got a great example how to use a gun? Who gives example?

A man without any gun may kill another man by beating him.

Why should they kill others?
Why should they commit crimes?
And why the others do not like that?
Is this human world different from jungle? What makes different?
Humans are educated? Really? What kind of education?

Many people believe that there is a super power belong to the great one. He is God. Does God teach us about this? What about atheist community? They do not believe in God. It means they are the superpower, the strongest one.

Considering the reason why someone dares commit a crime, a possible answer is he or she may feel as the strongest one and nobody dare against him or her or he or she think that they can hide from that strong guy.

What about God? Could anybody hide from Him? Where?

It is a big challenge to read and write such rather complicated issue, but I should try and I tried.

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