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It was so dark. Everybody was sleeping. The wind sometime blew the leaves, shook the branches of the tree. He was standing out there, stared at those rooms. He looked around, he found no one surrounded him.

The gate was locked, but the lamp of each room was on. He climbed the wall, holding on the chain holes below the top of the it. He sidled inside. Their sleeps were so good, like having a very nice dream.

The sun hadn't risen yet. It was so dark, but it was morning. It was so quiet. No singing bird. Suddenly, the one in the middle of those three sleeping guys woke up and found his phone had lost. He stared the floor where his phone had been before. He touched the floor, "Lost, lost, lost."

He realized the loss and got up, came to his friends' room on the other side. He found the doors open. He woke his friends up. The friend in the middle was confusing, tried to find something. "Lost, lost, lost."

"Lost, lost, lost..!!!" Another guy screamed out in another room. "Hey, hey, hey..!! I am in the middle, but why they are beside me do not lose their phone?!"

"Me too."

"You too...!!"


He was sitting on the floor in front of his room, crumpled up his hair with a gloomy face. The other looked at him, "What's wrong?" He replied nothing, "It's fine," tried hiding the sadness of loss.

"Arga, your phone lost too?"

He just nodded, "It's fine," raising his hand with the palm in front. He remembered the moment three months before, the unforgettable moment, but he hoped not to remember it, but impossible. "It's tradition. Follow us. You are our generation," said his grandpa, but it didn't make sense for him. It was out of his logical thought. "Just follow, Honey..!!" But his stubborn mind hard to accept it.

It was the twentieth time he lost his stuff. "Why do you not follow us?" His grandpa always says that in each his loss. "What for? What for? That doesn't make sense." His mind was full of questions, but he would not question himself. He thought that was stupid.

It was so complicated for him, rather than suffer from the loss. "It must be one guy, the same guy," but it was impossible. He lost his stuffs in different places. "Fuck tradition...!! Ridiculous...!!" He likely would to kill the thief not because of the loss, but he really hated that tradition.

He stood up and went out. His friends just stared at him with a thousand questions in mind. He ran so fast. Nobody knew where he would go. He met a guy, an old man living on the bank of the river. But it was out of his prediction. That old man gave him three leaves. "What for is it?!" he looked so angry.

"Just follow, Young man."

"It doesn't make sense. Meaningless."

"You wanna kill the thieves?"

He was so surprised, shocked, but questioned himself. He had no idea about that. "Yes, how? Teach me..!!"

That old man was smiling. "What for?"


"Revenge? Have you figure out why you lost those stuffs?"

He was frowning.

"How many guys lost their stuffs, and they take revenges. So you want to follow them?"

"Of course...!!"

"Follow?" while smiling. "Ok. So you want all thieves destroyed?" he nodded. "That's easy. Warn them, all people in this planet, to follow you."

He was motionless, staring at that old man.

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