My Dream About Love Story In Harvard Movie And English Village

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My country Indonesia is the same  as the season right now, alwasy changing, confusing me sometimes. It's rainy season, but without rain, sometimes the sunny full of rain. If you found something good now, it wouldn't be for tomorrow. Many yougn generation come to certain school or university and earning certain knowledge or skills because of that subject was the most wanted one at that time. Unfortunately, it was no longer change become lack of meaning.

I must be smarter.

Watching a movie Love Story in Harvard again. It's the second, but watching in English Village, The center of learning foreign language. It's a great movie, burnt my spirit at the first time I watched it. Looking at Harvard building and the Statue of John Harvard, I imagine if I build such school in this village. 

One thing makes me interested in the beginning of this movie is the spirit of learning. "You have to understand 10 pages per hour," one actress said to her chairmate. This act showed a spirit and burnt my soul.

The similar thing in this movie and in this English Village where I am living in is the habit of riding bicycles. Most of the students in this English village rent bicycle, so you can see a hundred students riding bicycles on the road of this great village.

I am an ambitious one I think and hard to be realistic, always got trapped in imagination and out of control the possibility. I am always working all the time: reading and writing learning curious thing. That's why I am interested in book and to see people rounded by books.

Spirit. This is the most important thing I must keep in my soul.

This movie is about students from Korea studying in Harvard. Many students from other countries there. They compete each other to be the best. It's similar to the condition in English villages. Many students come from other provinces in Indonesia and speak different languages, different educational background, different culture, etc. All of them have the same purpose to learn English. Unfortunately, the spirit is not the same as they are in Love Story in Harvard Movie. However, I want to try to make my own institution here and learn psychology and set the system which courage the students to be much spirit.

Beside that, one thing come into my consideration, I had been 3.5 years studying in a university. I became the one with very high spirit, I think. However, one thing I missed, I think. I feel that I forgot something that lead me to be a loser.

In this movie I see the students follow the professor. They study with him. That's different from me. I didn't do that when I was in university. I decided to choose my own way because I saw no spirit around. I thought I was the most spirit one: reading and writing, also learning all the time. One thing bad I can hardly avoid is I could not focus. However, I am so grateful, because I never lost my spirit. Practicing just bring up progress, no others.

Listening slow rock with the spirit voice is my hobby while reading or writing. It makes me as if I am flying and rushing around pursue the very fast thing. That is time.

Once more I missed was the struggle to survive. I just considered learning and learning without thinking how to make my life on. I was learning without any complete material. It was so much stressful. However, I must learn from the mistake.

Life is learning.

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