It Means You Have A Chance To Be The Best

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No one does that. Why? And you hope someone does it.

I found some people complained about a situation, about a condition because no one do anything to make the situation greater. What about you? Will you be a complainer too? Complaining without doing anything. Unconsciously I did it a lot. Fortunately, I realized it and try to change it. "God created me as a king," that's true. We represent Him in this world, as Khalifah.

It is a loss when we find nobody doing anything we think great to do and we just complain about it. Isn't that a chance for us to carry out a great action, rewarded act. God gives us that chance. Unfortunately, most of us lack confidence, look down on ourselves and think other people are greater. Do you know that they also think the same as you do? They are not angels, are they? They are the same as us.

Why does no one do that? However, you should ask yourself, "Why do I not do that?" I think most people like to question someone else, and so do you. And only a few people want question themselves.

It's funny sometimes. Many people get stressed because they have no chance. They think if they get the chance, they will do their best. However, the chances surround them, but they are careless of those chances. You know how sad a great football player who has no chance to kick the ball into the goal, he has no chance to be a winner. Do you feel the same he feels? You are a great player in this life.

God gave me one example last night. I am living in a great village. This village well known as a center of foreign language learning. People named this village as "English Village". The name looks so great, as though all people living in are speaking English or foreigners who speak English. Unfortunately, that's just a hope for me.

I questioned myself a long ago, when I recently knew this village, "Why don't I meet someone great to make this village as a real English Village, means all the inhabitants speak English?" However, I got the next question, "Who cares about it?"

Now I get the answer. "Me."

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