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"You are stupid," it was likely all people said that, included friends, relatives and teachers. I was a little kid that not aware about anything. I was still trying to understand the situation, the condition, moreover the flow of the life around me as I was a new person in this world. The life seemed so dark, as though I would go astray. I was likely worrying all the time.

I was so curious about what life meant. The people around me told me that i must follow those people and those people, because they were the ones who knew everything in life. They told me that I would be happy if I followed them. And I did it, though I did not devote myself to do so with all my heart. I just wanted to know what the result going to be.

It's been a history now. They blamed me. They said that I was guilty, I was so stupid, I was a boy without knowledge. I and might be all my friends said in heart, "So that's why we come here to study." Some people, our seniors who had been following them for many years told me their story that they were happy at that time, but I didn't see it in their faces. What happiness were they meant?


Everyone will say "I can guide myself" in certain condition and would be angry if another one forced him or her to be guided. However, in certain condition, someone will ask guidance to another, "Show me the way".

"Education" That is the place of guidance of life. There are many people named teachers there. They will guide generation or students to live their lives well, to get a better future. Parents send their kids to that place to get guidance of life. I have passed it, have finished.

With guidance the teachers guide the students to achieve the goal. I am questioning myself, whose goal is that? Governments arranged the education system. They have their own goal. The parents chose the best school. They have their own goal. The teachers teach the students. They have their own goal.

The students?

"Come on, follow me," they said.

Is tomorrow not a mystery for them? If no, so they guided us to the darkness. Moreover, or they didn't realize that they must guide us because they realized the tomorrow was so dark.

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