English Writing Practice: The Power Of The Nature

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Learning English writing is similar to learning spoken English. You must practice. It can be creating writing, report writing, or essay writing. You can write poems, fiction story, or whatever you want. That can hone your writing skill. Bellow is my writing exercise.

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When I realized that I am alive, I am living my life, I realized that I need power. Then I started attempting to find that strength. I searched the best one. It was a crazy expectation I think, when I was a child, I thought the hero of films is the powerful one. I imagined at that time what if those heros fought against God, because most people said that God was the super power.

Many people told me "You need this, you need these, you need those, you need ..." I don't know what else. "You must be powerful," one said. A lot of friends told me that the powerful person was he with muscle body, but an old man and a wise man said that a powerful person was the faithful one, the one with a strong faith in God. Whhie  business man said that the powerful one is a man with good income.

However, I and my friends believed that the powerful one is the one with strong body. The one who could fight, could defeat the opponents. Some of my friends had magic power. I was interested in that kind.

I was a kind of ambitious child. I was really eager to know and master that magic power. I believed that magic was the best power must be in me. However, I found many difficulties to get it. I knew my grandpa, my uncles, and many of my famiy mastered that power, but they told me that I was such a child.

One day I got the chance, my uncle taught me how to master that kind of magic power. I was so glad. Ufortunately, I had been learning science much. I had already been interested in philosophy. I question myself what for mastering such power, what it mean to life. My uncle was a little angry with me because I gave him too many question. "Magic needn't logic thought," he told me.

One question hard to figure out the question is, "Could magic make me happy?" I had graduated from senior high school at that time, Technical school. I was confusing about what power i really need at that time.

Love was more considered power for me at that time. I thought that love was the very great power. I questioned myself "What kind of love?". That was easy to answer, a love of a girl with beautiful face. 

I questioned myself "What is beauty? What does it mean to life?" It almost killed me under the pressure of confusing. I found no meaning. Beaty meant nothing to me. In another hand, I could not be away of that. Life was more spirit with the present of beauty.

I tried to keep one in my heart, hope the power burnt out my spirit. However, it was eroded through the time. It was fake, I thought. I threw it away. "No beauty in this world...!!" I screamed out.

I have ever thought that the beauty of music and poetry was also powerful, but it was meaningless on my stressful condition. However, I got one powerful beauty, one poetic in Quran recitation by two Syeikhs, they are Fahd Al kanderi and Mishary Al Fasy. I felt one comfortable poetic sense hearing both recitations.  

"Knowledge" I considered it. Knowing everything would make my life more powerful, more meaningful. I had already been learning everything. That was my habit, but with the distinct comprehension. I was not interested the way people perceive about life. Everything I saw in life was so boring. I wanted the new one.

I learned everything, just to know, to fulfill my curiosity.

"God" Many people consider God as the superpower. I believed in it because all people around me taught me that. They forbade me not to ask about God. However, I was so curious. Then I questioned God, and nothing made sense for me, but I didn't want to leave Him. Until finally I figure out the best answer that one thing exists, The Only One, The Most Distinct One, noting equal.

Now I believe that I live with the nature and That The Most Distinct One. Being aware of nature will lead me to the better future and be a strong one.

That's all my writing exercise. Not need to be perfect when you train yourself, by doing a lot of exercise, your skill get better.

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