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Kampung Inggris 'English Village' is a village where a many people speak English. Spoken English is used here. Many people learning English in this village, most of them learn English speaking. I consider that place as our window of the world, the way for people in our country to get in touch with international society.

Learn English, Spoken English, English speaking

That’s only a small village named Tulungrejo. It is in Indonesia, East Java province. The regency named Kediri, and the district is Pare. Why this village known as English Village?

More than 200 institutions in this village (Some are in a village beside it too). Many people from other province, other islands come to this village to study English. They also can study Japanese, Mandarin, and Arabic there. Moreover, some of them come from Thailand.

What makes this village interesting? Why they like to study English in this village?

Indonesia has many local languages. In my town people speak Madura language, but in a town beside my town the people speak Japanese and Using language. Therefore, most Indonesian people have been experienced in learning second or third language. I can speak Madura, Javanese, and my national language Bahasa Indonesia.

English is one important language on this planet. It is an international language. In Indonesia, many parents want their children to learn English. Moreover, English is an obligated subject in school, but the new curriculum. Elementary students are not allowed to learn English. However, Arabic is a must for Muslim.

Many people complain about the English program in school. The students are studying English from elementary school up to university. How many years? Then how many students can speak English? Whereas, all people know that we have never studied another local language like in school, but many of us can speak more than one or two local languages.

In my point of view, language is a tool of communication. It is used in social. Children learn to ride a bicycle on the road or on the playground, not in class, because the bicycle is ridden on the playground or on the road. Then what about English?

In English village people can learn English as a tool of communication, not as a subject in class. That makes English Village interesting, though nowadays, not all institutions are professional. There are many boarding house for students who study English in English Village and they must speak English there.

My ex-boss told me one day that about 10 years ago, he and many people in this village had special stalls which just served buyer who speak English “No English, No Service”. Unfortunately, there are many outsiders came to this village to run a business. One inhabitant said that there is only 30% native inhabitant now, the rest are outsiders. The outsiders don’t care about the English area, they come just to get profit. Only some seller and vendor still speak English now.

I am interested in this village. I really want to make this village English area as like the moment my ex-boss told me, or I will make in another area too.

My big dream is a hope of a community. I hope English Village or Language village is not only a place for learning English, but it’s a place for community where tourist from another country can get in touch with the local culture. I hope there are also such place in another country.

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