English Speaking: Will You Be A Winner?

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Learning English speaking is not easy without any friends, but it is a must. We must practice. Mastering theory of how to learn English speaking or theory of spoken English doesn't mean you will be able to speak English well. Many teachers suggest their students to speak alone or talk with their shadows at the mirror. However, I found a great way, it may be weird, but it is good. A lot of people like reciting poems, why don't use it to practice spoken English? Bellow I wrote a motivational poem to practice English speaking.

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Hi, Friends. Listen to me! Open your ear!

You know, Guys, the sun never stops running, raising up in the morning, then disappearing in the evening. Always. So that we know sunrise and sunset. Those are beginning and end.

The sun is always the sun, never change become suni, sune, suno, or whatever. Then what about us? We get up in the morning and sleep at night. The sun begins its day with sunrise and end it with sunset. We begin our day with awakening and stop it with sleep.

Should we the same as the sun? No change? If there is a change, what kind of change? Become greater, or become ordinary, or become worse?

If may I ask you, Are you the same as you were? Then tomorrow, will you be the same as you are?

If you will the same, is that a great choice?

If you will be greater than now, then how?

Do you realize who you are? What level you are? How is your life now? Then what about tomorrow?

Guys, we are in a game. We compete the sun, we fight the time, we compete each other, and we fight ourselves as well.

Will you be the winners? You must be. We must be. Before the game over.

When? Now? A few minutes later?

That's all the motivational poem. My ex-students like to recite it. They were motivated. They found spirit in it.

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