Before The Death Coming

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Everybody, if you were 80 years old right now?
Imagine it...!!
What kind of success you hope had you got when you were young?

Have you ever dream something great, something extraordinary in your early age, may be when you were 12 years old or less?
What were your dreams?
Have you made those dreams come true?
If so, Congratulation, Guys...!
But if not, and you have new dreams today, will you lose those dreams again?

Have you ever seen a very old man live his life happily in and like telling his success to everybody around him?
Do you like to hear that story?
Could you see a sparkling happiness on his face?
Have you ever seen someone moaning all the time, complaining about his life?
And you know he has been 85 years old?
He missed the previous chance and won't see the latter one.

Which one will you wanna be?
Let's consider it, Guys...!!

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