You Forget You

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The target is over there
beyond the cloudy sky
It's hardly visible to see
But you hold it in your sight
So tight
Is it far away?
The wind's rushing around
Do you realize it?
Or you have forgotten yourself
How can?
Do you realize your existence?

You Forget You

The world will laugh
Unfortunately, it likes being speechless
letting you compete the endless time
What about the sun?
Do you still remember it?
The time, your competitor, follows it
Do you know that?

The target is in your sight
You stare at it too much, right?
Even you forget where and when you started the competition
Have you measured the way?
how long is that?
Or you never care about that
because you are not on it

You are the one only
you will never find your another
you are the only one

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