Writing Exercise: One thing Attracts Me In Labour Pains Movie

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Writing exercise by reviewing movie. It is interesting. Watching movie increase my vocabulary. Then do writing exercise to hone my English writing skill.

It was about two weeks ago I downloaded a movie. I was not really interested, just to increase my vocabulary, hope to be able to speak like native speaker by watching movie often. I downloaded some movies, included this one Labour Pains. I didn't care about how interesting it is, I just need to keep in touch with English.

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However, something interesting in the act. When the actress who feign to be pregnant got into the bus but the bus was full of passengers, so she stood up between two lines of passengers. She stood in front of a man. Suddenly that man stood up and let that pregnant woman sit.

I don't think that this act has no special intention. The movie creator showing the culture, presenting a role model to the audiences out there. This act remind me to a book written by an Indonesian writer which took place in Egypt. I was stuck on that act, imagining that I was on the spot.

The similar one is the story of Titanic. I forget the website, It was about a year ago I read it. The writer said that the tradition of the people of the Titanic Ship, when something bad about to happen, they must save the children before the others.

However, it's not about a competition, right? I heard often on motivational speech. "Life is a competition" So keep fighting to be a winner. It's not in this context. We need to understand what the word "Win" means.

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