We Realize That We Don't Realize

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We are on a racing
million days behind and in front us

We have found the cry of a laughter
and be sure, we will find the laugh of a cry

Sometimes we realize that we don't realize anything
sometimes we don't realize that we realize something

Most people dream to be successful
but the others fear to be successful

Have you ever found a high stairs
then you climbed it but someone said that you got down and lower?
then you feel guilty

Sometimes we found our soul's burning out
fueled by a great passion from nowhere beyond
then we behave like a crazy wild hunter
lost control
because something bad seemed to happen imminently
great effort, life competition
but the next moment told us
and we were chuckling
smiling then laughing out louder

A small insect saw us with its smile
"You got passed the others.

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