Two New Words Have Been Created in My Village

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Language is not static. It is always changing follow the society. I learnt to speak my international language when I studied at elementary school. I did not understand what my teacher said when I was in the first class. I was not the only one, most of my friends faced the same condition. Then my teacher mixed the national language and the local language. Unfortunately, the teacher was from another town which has different local language. Then both teachers and students hard to understand each other.

However, gradually I could understand the national language because we read and write using it. I started to be able to read when I was in the second grade of elementary school. That was the hard thing to do. I was the one of those minority students who were not able to read. That night I read a book alone in my living room. I got a miracle, I could read the following day, but not perfect.

It was no longer after that, my language teacher taught us about the changes in our national language. I did not know when the changes were exactly made. I had to memorize those new words.

Actually that changes also happened on our local language, but i did not realize it. It was just a few years ago I heard the new words in my village. I di not understand what they mean. However, I could easily understand it because the change is only a little.

Those words are "Alek" and "Tak berla". The original meaning of "Alek" is "so sweet (taste)", but my the people in my village changed it became "Cool...! or Great...!" in English. "Tak berla" is a new word. We did not have that word before. The common word was "Tak genna" means behave unwell/bad behavior, but not really bad. People usually use it just to show that they are proud of someone trait because s/he is so funny, like to make other people laugh.

That's a little story from my village.

Now I am really eager to master many languages by learning online on websites that provide some free online tutorial for learning foreign language

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