The Strange Traveler With His Stories

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He is a traveler. He has come all the way to find nothing, I thought. However, I always remember his smile in his pale face.  He never tells me from where he is. He always says “Wherever we live, we are still living in this planet.” I am sick of that.

He is so strange. Whenever he meets me, he always mentions several names of people. “I met Sokan. He was a great football player. He was very kind. I also met Ducken. He was a poor man, but he liked joking. He used to make people laugh. I also met Doglass. He was a successful man, but he had a problem with his wife. I also met Brokennd. He was a painter. He lived alone in a small island,” and so on.

I told him that I am sick of his stories.

“You know, twelve years ago, on Saturday, I met a small kid in a small village. He was about 8 years old, but he was so smart. He asked me ‘Old Man, what kind of success have you got?’ I was shocked to hear that. I had no reply. ‘It’s no longer you will die, right?’ I let him continue asking me. ‘Are you proud of yourself?’ I was not sure anymore if he was a small kid.”

“You mean, he is an angel?” I asked him, but he left me without an answer.

I know his name from an old woman I met at the market. She told me that his name is Sreet. However, it was so strange. That old woman also knew my name, “Bye Fardend,” he said before leaving.

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