The Non-existence is Exist, Though

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“The Non-existence is exist. You don’t need an existence only.” No one will comprehend it. No one will regard that understand it is worthy. “You force yourself to work every time for your curiosity.”

He is an adventurer. He arrived here two days ago before then sun completely hid beyond the western sky. Someone offered him a home, but he refused it, “God has provided us a wide sky and spreaded out the earth. It needn’t to build a house.” A lunatic.

Last night I ran into him in front of Souchien Cafe. I feigned not seeing him, but he greeted me, “Hi, Farish. Let’s have dinner together. Are with someone here?”

“No. I am alone.”

We had dinner together. He was so strange. He asked me, “Do you think people are hungry after have eaten?” ridiculous. I had no idea about his question. Or course people eat because they are hungry. what a lunatic!

“I have had lunch this afternoon, and now we are eating again.”

I could not stand to reply his statement, “We are full after eating, then we hungry. So we are hungry after being full, not after have eaten.”

He looked at me with smile. He was chuckling. I did not know what it meant. Then he called the waiter and gave her the money. “Too much, Sir.” The waiter would return it but he said “For you.” Then he left me.
The waiter questioned me about that strange man. I told her that I had just met him a few minutes before. “He has dinner here every day”.


I decided to forget him. But his silly sentences always haunt me all the time, triggers my curiosity. His non-existence is exist.

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