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Daniel has so many friends. He and his family always move from one city to another city or another town every year. I don’t understand why they do that. I think each person has their own reason. I met Daniel three years ago in Kediri, East Java when I was studying English at an institution in English Village in that town.

He is an easy going guy. He greeted me when I was eating in a stall. “How do you do, Mister,” he said while giving his hand asking me to shake his hand. “How do you do?” I replied and shook his hand. He introduced me himself. I was shocked when he asked me “How many friends do you have here?” I didn’t think he would ask me that. I didn’t reply him immediately. Then he told me “I have 157 friends, 158 with you. I have been here for about two weeks.” That’s so amazing.

He told me that it was the 11th town he has been living in. I was frowning hearing that, but I didn’t ask him the reason.

“I am from Pontianak, but I and my parents were living there only a year. That was eleven years ago, then we move to Sulawesi but I forget the name of the city. Every year we move to another city or another town. Next year we will move again.”

“What’s your parent do for a living?”
“My father is a businessman.”
“What kind?”
“I don’t know.”

That is so strange for me. It doesn’t make sense. How can they survive if always moving from one city to another. But he is an easy going guy. He is 20 years old now. However, One thing I would never forget, he told me “No body is greater than me. Let’s say together, ‘No body is greater than me’. Declare it in your deep heart.”

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